Getting Cheap Script Consultancy Online

Finding cheap script consultancy can be easy if you know where to look. Most independent script doctors will charge quite a lot of money for each script or treatment, although they will provide a good service I would only recommend them for more experienced screenwriters. If you are a beginner I would take advantage of the free services that are offered by screenwriting courses. A good screenwriting course will take you through the whole process from the very beginning and offer you feedback once your script is complete.

Don’t Send It Off Straight Away

When you have finished your first draft then you should always leave it aside for a few days to clear your head. After three or four days then read it through beginning to end making notes on everything. Check out for mistakes in the spelling and format, check the dialogue is convincing and appropriate to the scene, make sure that all of the settings are how you want them and make sure that the action text is right. When you have made notes then rewrite the whole script and condense it as much as you can.

Finding Cheap Script Consultancy

Once you have done the rewrite then start looking for a script consultant. If you are a beginner or if you want cheap script consultancy then I would recommend signing up to an online screenwriting course. This way you will be able to either cross reference your script with the information provided. If you don’t want to make any changes then you could just skip all of the tutorials and send your finished script to the tutor for feedback.

When you have received the feedback be prepared for some heavy constructive criticism. Don’t take offence to anything the scrip consultant says, they are there to make you a better screenwriter. Taking all of the feedback on board, then do one last rewrite. Take a lot of care with this rewrite because it should be the last one before you send it off the agents and producers.